If you know the importance of passwords then you’ll hopefully have different ones for each online account you sign up for. But sometimes it’s difficult to remember all of these passwords. And you may be wary of the security implications if you save these codes on your device.

All you need is a password manager such as Blur to assist you. Password managers allow you to generate unique codes for all your online accounts. Some software will save these passwords into a secure virtual vault so you can retrieve them whenever you need to.

The Blur password manager can provide these features and more. Today we’ll be reviewing the Blur password manager so we can give you in-depth information about what this innovative platform can offer you. Continue reading to find out how Blur can solve your password problems.

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Blur Password Manager Overview

Blur is a password manager developed by Abine which is an online privacy company founded by Andrew Sudbury, Rob Shavell and Eugene Kuznetsov. The company produces online tools to assist people in controlling who can view their digital information.

Abine knows that the way third parties collect information is constantly changing. That’s why the company ensures that its platforms are always updated to continuously protect your online information.

Keep your online and personal information safe with the Blur online password management platform.

Product Review

Security and Privacy Features

The Blur password manager offers a virtual vault to store all your codes. This vault can only be accessed by you. It’s encrypted with military-grade keys namely AES-256 which is impossible to decode by hackers.

To enter your vault you’ll be asked to create a master key password which has zero knowledge technology. This means third parties can’t see this password and this includes the developers of Blur.

Your data is encrypted locally before it’s sent to Blur’s servers and this is known as “host-proof hosting”. This ensures that Abine can’t ever view the information inside your virtual vault.

Make sure you remember your master password because Abine won’t have access to this code. If you forget your master password you can reset your code using the Blur backup passphrase feature.

The passphrase is made up of 10 or more characters and you can use it to reset your master password. But you’re also required to remember your passphrase, so make sure it’s something you WILL remember.

Blur Password Interface

The Abine Blur platform has a web interface and a browser extension that are both easy to install. Signing up is straightforward so you’ll know exactly where to type in your information on the fill out form. Your email address, phone number and credit card information will all be kept private.

Blur’s interface is user friendly and you can easily enter passwords manually. Alternatively, the Blur web interface can generate passwords for you if you’re struggling to create unique codes.

Password Management Features

Phone and Card Masking

Abine Blur password manager has a unique feature that sets this platform apart from its competitors. It’s the phone and card masking tool. You can hide your personal information such as your phone number, email address and credit card data by masking it with fake information.

For example, your email address will be masked with a fake one that may look something like The reason for this masking tool is so you can sign up to sites that look dodgy and it won’t pose a risk to your private information.

With the masked credit card function, Blur will provide a limit. So you can decide how much money you want to load on the masked card for purchases. This keeps your money safe on your actual credit card.

Form Auto-Fill

You can save all your identifiable information on the Blur platform so it can be used to automatically fill out online forms. This saves you a lot of time because all fields will be filled out with a simple click of a button.

Importing Accounts

If you want to load passwords from another platform, simply click on the import tab. One aspect that you might love is that Blur cleans up any duplicated passwords imported from other sites. This keeps your list well organized.

Tracker Blocking

Cross-browser tracking is a threat to your personal data. That’s why Blur offers a tracker blocking feature. This tool automatically blocks tracking on your browser extension which is a feature that’s crucial for auto-filling. Blur keeps a record of how many trackers have been blocked and you can view this information on your accounts dashboard.

Auto-Lock Feature

Blur offers added security with its auto-lock feature. You can change the number of times you’re asked to enter your password. Use this feature to automatically lock your account when it’s idle for up to 15 minutes and every time you restart your browser.

Blur Password Pricing

Do you want to start using Blur? Check out the below pricing plans:

  • Yearly basic plan at $3.25 per month
  • Monthly unlimited plan at $14.99 per month
  • Yearly unlimited plan at $8.25 per month

Blur offers a 14-day refund for new subscribers. All plans come with the masked credit card and the backup & sync features.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy to install
  • Has an auto-fill feature
  • Excellent customer support
  • Top security features
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  • Doesn’t offer a business package
  • Has a history of a data breach

Final Thoughts

It’s crucial that you always use a password management platform to organize your online security. As you can see Blur offers unique features that will keep your online information safe. Blur provides excellent cross-device compatibility and it’s effortless for new users to utilize.

The Blur password manager also doubles as a tracker so your identifiable information can’t be compromised. Furthermore the ability to mask your emails and credit cards allows you to perform myriads of online tasks without handing over your real information.

Overall Blur is an excellent password management platform that will provide the security you need to protect your data.