ByePass Password Manager

ByePass is one option found in the list of password managers that will not only safeguard your passwords, but your credit cards too.

This password manager helps you manage all your passwords across different devices—no matter the platform.

Though it’s aimed at providing password protection, you’ll appreciate that this password manager is also designed to simplify your digital life in the process.

Have a look at the short review below as I explain which features make the app worth considering.

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ByePass Password Manager Overview

ByePass was published by iolo technologies. Released in 2019, it’s one of the newer password managers on the block. But the fact that it’s relatively new in no way compromises the password manager’s effectiveness at protecting your passwords. If anything, I’m impressed with the exceptional security features as outlined below.

Product Review

Security and Privacy Features

Credit Card Shield

If you’re an avid online shopper, you’ll appreciate that this password manager is designed to protect your online purchases. How?

With most password managers, you have to type in your credit card info manually. This unfortunately puts you at risk of storing your details insecurely leaving them vulnerable to hackers. ByePass works by locally encrypting your credit card details and only availing them at the time of purchase.

Login Guardian

One of the password manager’s most unique features is the Login Guardian. Thanks to this functionality you can log out of all your websites from anywhere.

Modern Cryptography

Do you always forget your PIN? Those days are over! ByePass allows you to save your sensitive information such as PINs in the form of secure notes. And the beauty of it is that only you can access these notes. ByePass uses Modern Cryptography to make this possible.

Salted Hashing

ByePass uses AES-256 encryption which is also utilized by most password managers. The only difference is that with ByePass, this feature is used in conjunction with salted hashing.

What does the concept entail?

All your sensitive information is encrypted and decrypted locally on your device. This means that you’re the only one who has access to the master password to view your notes, passwords and credit card details.

How to Sign Up

Signing up on this platform is straight forward. Make sure that you sign into your Microsoft account first in order to download the ByePass app.

Upon downloading the app, you can install it on up to 10 Windows devices. Some password managers don’t limit the number of devices which you can store this app on. But I’m certain 10 devices are more than enough for most people.

ByePass Features

Unlimited Password Storage

This password manager doesn’t limit the number of passwords you can store which many users find convenient. You can also store an unlimited number of credit cards on this platform.

Intelligent Autofill

Say goodbye to manually typing in your passwords each time you log on to a particular site, ByePass will autofill for you.

Detect Online Passwords

If you happen to have online accounts that require passwords, ByePass detects them all and loads them to its interface.

Password Generator

Are you tired of coming up with passwords on your own? That’s where the Password Generator comes in. This feature thinks up a password for you especially for new online accounts. Aside from being convenient, this feature is also designed to strengthen security. Even if hackers steal your account information, they can’t use it to access different sites.

In actual fact, most security experts highly recommend the use of randomly generated passwords for different online accounts. ByePass offers exactly that.

Password Security

If you choose to come up with your own password, ByePass will automatically assess its security level. If the password you provide is too weak, you’re prompted to change it.

In addition, ByePass will suggest high security passwords especially for new sites. The goal is to create a unique and strong password that’s not vulnerable to hacking.

Dark Web Scan

ByePass allows you to run a “dark web scan” for any compromised passwords you may have used in the past. You’re prompted to change any passwords that are detected by this scan. This prevents hackers from trying to pair these passwords with shared online lists which feature your identity.


To run this app your system must be compatible with any OS, provided that it’s running on the latest version of Firefox, Safari or Edge. Note that this secure web browser extension also runs on iOS and Android devices.


You can decide to purchase this app on its own or as part of the Phoenix 360 suite. The ByePass plan on its own will cost you $19.95 annually. On this plan you’ll enjoy features such as:

  • Auto-fill passwords
  • Dark web scan
  • Password generator
  • Browser extension compatibility with Chrome, Firefox and Edge

When you opt for the ByePass Phoenix Suite, you’ll also have access to iolo’s anti-virus software, data recover and browser security applications to name a few features. Although, be prepared to pay a little extra for these features—an additional $39,97 once-off fee.

ByePass Password Manger Pros

  • Highly responsive customer support
  • Credit card protection
  • Extremely secure
  • Easy to use
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ByePass Password Manger Cons

  • Difficult to reset master password
  • Limits number of devices

Final Words

Whether you decide to purchase this app on its own or as part of the Phoenix 360 suite, you’ll still enjoy seamless performance and high level password protection. The fact that this app is compatible with so many operating systems also makes it a winner.

Are you willing to give this new ByePass password manager a try? Let us know in the comment section below.