Having strong and secure online security is of the utmost importance especially because there’s been an increase in cyber hacking over the past few years. Every online platform requires a password to log into these accounts for security but sometimes these codes aren’t long enough and you also may forget them.

That’s why you need a program that will provide a tool for access and identity management. This tool is Everykey which is a highly successful and reliable password management program that will solve your security problems. It’s also an automatic access device with many unique features.

Read our review below to find out more about Everykey and what it can do for you.


Everykey Overview

Everykey is a password generator and access manager that started in the year 2015. The main function of the Everykey device and platform are to offer users military grade security. You’re able to store all your passwords in one location so it’s effortless to log into your accounts.

What’s more is that Everykey isn’t like other password managers. This innovative technology also allows you to access your home or car without using a physical key. So how is this possible? Let’s go through all the features of Everykey in this next section.  

Product Review

Security and Privacy Features

As mentioned before Everykey has integrated military grade security technology. Everykey provides four layers of RSA and AES encryption keys to protect your passwords on the Everykey platform.

Since Everykey is a physical device and not simply a digital platform, the company has put extra measures in place in the event that your unit is lost or stolen. It has a security freeze option that will lock your Everykey account should you lose your device.

To keep your passwords safe none of your codes are stored on the physical Everykey unit. All your codes are stored in a secure vault that can’t be accessed by anyone but you.

Since the Everykey Bluetooth device has integrated encryptions, hackers can’t access your information because it’s constantly being changed into indecipherable codes.

Everykey Device and Interface

The Everykey device is worn on the wrist. It’s a small rectangular device that replaces all your physical keys for your house, car, garage, SmartPhone and more. Additionally, Everykey comes with an easy to use digital platform for iOS and Android devices. Setting up your app is effortless and fast.

You’ll be required to sign up with an email and password & you’ll be prompted to save the information for automatic access when you visit the app. On the platform you can access all your passwords and information. You can also use the Everykey app to remotely freeze your device if you lose it.

Everykey Password Features

Generating Passwords

If you’re struggling to create unique and strong passwords that are difficult to hack then let Everykey do the work for you. Everykey generates random passwords for all your online accounts and proceeds to log you in automatically whenever you visit them.

As mentioned before, your passwords are never saved on the Everykey device. Instead all your generated passwords are stored on the Everykey servers. These passwords are completely encrypted so no Everykey employee can access them.

Auto Lock and Unlock

Everykey allows you to lock and unlock all your connected devices with the key volt feature. It will feel like magic because as soon as you’re in range with any one of your devices the Everykey volt will unlock or lock them automatically.

As soon as you move out of range from your connected devices they will automatically lock so that no one else can access them. The advantage of this is that you won’t need to type in a password every time you want to access your computer, laptop or phone.


Everykey is compatible with many devices and software, such as:

  • Android 6+
  • macOS10.12+
  • Windows 7+
  • iOS 7+
  • Google Chrome v53
  • Safari 7.1+
  • Mozilla Firefox v53+
  • Opera 40.0+
  • Microsoft Edge 38+

Everykey Doesn’t Require an Internet Connection

Another advantage to using Everykey is that you don’t need to be connected to the internet in order to lock and unlock your physical devices. This is because it operates on a wireless Bluetooth 4.0 device. It has low energy meaning it will always be out of range for other people.

Since websites do require an internet connection in order for you to use them, online access is required to use Everykey with the sites you visit. The Everykey platform makes it easier for you to log into your accounts because you’ll be automatically signed in to every website that’s connected to your device.

Everykey Password Pricing

Everykey has three pricing options for you to pick from. To help you with your purchase decisions take a look at the following table:

  • One Everykey device and 1 year vault -$ 69 including shipping
  • Two Everykey devices and 1 year vault – $64 per device & free shipping
  • Four Everykey devices and 1 year vault – $59 per device & free shipping

Extra accessories:

  • Wrist band – $15
  • Bluetooth dongle – $19
  • Key ring – $5
  • Charging cable – $6


  • Comfortable to wear
  • No need for internet access
  • Creates strong passwords
  • Has automatic lock and unlock feature
  • Low energy so no one is ever in range except for you


  • Requires internet connection to log onto the Everykey platform
  • The device can easily be lost or stolen

Final Thoughts

As you can see Everykey is so much more than a password generator. You’re able to have easy access to your house and car without the hassle of using physical keys. Everykey provides you with more time because it gives you fast access to websites and locked doors.  

Are you ready to be part of this amazing technological advancement? Get your Everykey Bluetooth device so you can have high end passwords for all your websites and automatic lock & unlock access management.